Introduction to Utility Network Community


Impact & Value Creation
The Utility Network Community is formed by 4 European utilities. The intention is closely following Esri’s development of the Utility Network Management Extension for ArcGIS Enterprise.

Our ambition is to:

  • Ensure, that Esri supports the European electrical grid model and business processes in the best possible way by giving timely input and feedback
  • Develop and publish a standard data model that supports a European grid configuration and is in line with the international IEC & CIM (Common Information Model) standards whenever possible
  • Encourage other utilities and Esri partners to adopt the model
  • To lower the cost of migration and developing software on top of the Utility Network
  • Utility Network Community has been part of both Alpha and Beta Esri programs on the Utility Network journey. We have run several test migrations to evaluate both the functionality provided by Esri and our own data model.

We appreciate the way Esri have welcomed feedback and are proud to contribute with input for the next generation of GIS.

To publish our data model, we did create this website. We will post extended versions of the model when we discover new assets, that we will like to represent in our GIS system.

We are happy to share our experience and would like to welcome feedback as well as more utilities joining the Community.

It is our sincere hope that other utilities, Esri partners and consultancies will download the model for direct use or inspiration.

We can however not guarantee that our model fulfils the needs of other utilities. We also cannot be held responsible for any direct or indirect unintended results.